The Importantance of Learning To Grow Spiritually

One of the things that you are supposed to realize in life is that you are not just your body but primarily your spirit. Isn’t there something else after this existence? Yes, and in order to grow spiritually you must focus on matters of the spirit and not on matters of the flesh. So exactly what are matters of the spirit, and how do you learn how to grow spiritually?

First, prayer is a matter of the spirit. When you pray, this is time for you and God to talk together deeply. You’re not just dealing with your daily doings, but you’re taking time out to talk to your Father. This is when your spirit speaks, your true being, and you convey feelings of praise, thanks, and all kinds of other emotions from the heart.

Next, in order to learn how to grow spiritually, you must take time out of your day to read God’s Word. This is how the Father speaks to you and teaches you. Staying in His Word is necessary to grow as a Christian and to learn the knowledge of the Spirit. This is also what gives you faith and hope, and it can really help you start out your day on the right foot.

Another way to grow spiritually is to make sure you’re helping others and always showing love. Jesus told everyone to love their enemies as themselves. Even a non-Christian would love their family and friends. The difference here is to show love to everyone. This grows you in the Spirit and it moves forward the kingdom of God.

The same thing goes for forgiveness. Forgiveness is not something you should be giving to some people and not to others. Sometimes it’s hard to forgive. One must understand that everyone is capable of all sins, and they must understand that judgment is not something that people are supposed to impose. While it can be difficult to forgive, you must forgive, which also means to try and forget. Do not harbor hard feeling towards someone. Instead, understand to hate the sin and not the sinner. Haven’t you done wrong things in your life? Don’t you want to be forgiven. Almost everyone is guilty of finding it hard to forgive both small and big sins alike. However, in God’s eyes, no sins are okay, and everyone is guilty of sin. So, forgiveness is a must. After all, you want to be forgiven

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